22 Foot Cuddy Cabin

Monark Dakotah 2101

"The Miss Anne"

The Miss Anne

Decent Spot Prawns, Whittier 2010

Good Eats
Another Keeper fish from Whittier July 2009

Decent Halibut Seward AK June 2010

Passage Canal<
Silver Salmon, Whittier Jul 2010

Eklutna Tail Race
Alaskan Coho "Silver" Salmon Eklutna Tail Race Jul 2015

King Jul 2017 Eklutna

King Salmon, Eklutna Tail Race Jul 2017

Dec 12 Lower 6 Mile

6 Mile Lake

6 Mile Lake Jan 2016

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This is a Humpback that came up beside the boat one afternoon.


Resurrection Bay whale waving at us


Out of Homer a Humpback shows off

Last land

South of Seward this is the last bit of land before Hawaii, Seal Rocks Alaska


Out of Seward Alaska - Porpoise .AVI Movie Click Here