Killeen, Texas

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Yes that's my real call sign and yes I am no longer in Alaska.


I lived in Alaska for over 40 years. Finally age and health drove me back south to a warm climate.

QSLs logged prior to March 27th 2024 were from Alaska, since then all QSLs are from Texas.


Home station is using a 7 Band OCF dipole for now its about 20 feet up.  An FT-897D is my temp base rig until my household goods catch up.

Eventually I will back to my FTDX10 Radio and the 811H Amp on a loop. New house has just enough Oak Trees to allow for a Loop soon.  Hope to raise a tri bander as well by Summers end.

Field Day Operation in Alaska (click to enlarge)


davamvetspufl talarc


2001 F-150
Larry's Screwdriver 6-160
FT-857D plus 2m/1.25m/33cm


Mobile now includes a Jayco Motorhome.
Aboard that is both an FT-897 and a FT-857.
FT-897 is used when stationary using either a OCF dipole or military 33 foot Vertical.
FT-857 is for mobile operations using a modified CB whip (extended to 12 feet) and an SGC 2020 Autotuner.


Yeasu FT-897D In the RV


Zoe our RV Attack Cat!

If your bored, take a look at a few QSL Cards
I have collected over the years..


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Last Updated on 27 Mar 2024