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For grins, seems a few folks record contacts onto Youtube, here are a few.

N5XTC in Sept 2014

N2CEP in Dec 2014

Polish Station in Mar 2014

PU1MHZ in Dec 2013

KB3RRV in Nov 2013

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I upload logs to these sites:

Eqsl, LOTW, Hamlog, Clublog and QRZ

My Home Station

Yes its a mess, but it's my mess!
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FT-950, FT-897D, TM-V71A, DR-150, DR-1200
BCM-220, GE Orion MACOM 900mhz
Antenna Farm- G5RV laying on the roof
Various attic antennas due to the HOA.
Operate most all of the digital modes.
Marine Mobile

1996 Monark Dakotah 2101
Boat is a 22 foot cuddy cabin, aluminum hull.
FT-857D on another Larry's Standard 6-160
screwdriver.  Also carry a Laptop with Signalink on board
for the digital modes.

My Marine 6-160 Standard Screwdriver
If your bored, take a look at a few QSL Cards
I have collected over the years..


Email me at "KL7YK @ ARRL.NET" (remove the spaces)

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