In Grid BP-51 and the 3rd Judicial District of Alaska

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Visitor looking for a Rainbow Trout handout while Icefishing.

Army MARS Alaska Page

For grins, seems a few folks record contacts onto Youtube, here are a few.

N5XTC in Sept 2014

N2CEP in Dec 2014

Polish Station in Mar 2014

PU1MHZ in Dec 2013

KB3RRV in Nov 2013

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Field Day Operation (click to enlarge)

My Online Log
mars pin
ARRL Centennial W1AW


I also participated in the 2014 ARRL Centennial as an operator for the W1AW/KL7 operation.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

My Home Station
Yes its a mess, but it's my mess!
(click to enlarge)
FT-950, FT-897D, TM-V71A, TM-261, TM-221A
TM-3530A, Motorola GTX 900
Antenna Farm- G5RV laying on the roof
Various attic antennas due to the HOA.
Even have an Ameritron 811H Amp for those
noisier days on HF.
Operate most all of the digital modes.
Marine Mobile

1996 Monark Dakotah 2101
Boat is a 22 foot cuddy cabin, aluminum hull.
FT-857D into another Larry's Standard 6-160
screwdriver.  Also carry a Laptop with Signalink on board
for the digital modes.

My Marine 6-160 Standard Screwdriver
If your bored, take a look at a few QSL Cards
I have collected over the years..

Lastly, for the Reality TV Alaska Fans.  Over the years there
has been several TV shows about living in Alaska.  
Most were simply nonsense and only loosely based on facts.
Shows like "Alaska, The Last Frontier" are at least
partially scripted.  The show perports they are living a
subsitance lifestyle but that is by choice not need, they are quite wealthy.
Oh and you can drive from Homer to their property.

"Deadliest Catch", "Bering Sea Gold", "Life Below Zero",
"Yukon Men" and "Gold Rush" are fairly accurate but
have portions that are scripted.
"Alaskan Bush People" is totally scripted.  They may have
started out as "poor" but today as a result of what they
earn filming the show, they are no longer.  That and the
continued legal issues surrounding the family has
their sponsors seriously thinking about dropping the show.
Most Alaskan's find the show insulting and outright stupid.
Billy Brown and his son are convicted felons by the way.
This group defines the term "white trash".

Any TV show that suggests we are all consumed by fear of BigFoot
or some other mythical monster is total bull.  
Only monsters in Alaska are the same kind of people you have
everywhere else, crazy is crazy.

The only Alaskan Reality Show that is not scripted was the
Alaska State Troopers.  This show is now longer being filmed.
Shame as it was the one show that was 100% based on fact.

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