Killeen, Texas

Bell County, Grid EM11

Since March 30th 2024

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feedlne and 4:1balun back corner of loop vertical
panels 6myagi

Pictures of the feed line setup to the 4:1 Balun for the Loop and the rear corner of the loop. 

33 Foot Vertical at the back fence line, buried radials and feed line.

Have also two 100w solar panels up powering a 100amp battery as backup power.

Note the tags on the camper, Texas KL7YK Radio Operator.  This pic also shows one leg of the loop and the V/U Yagis. 

6m 5 Element Yagi replaced a 2 element 6m antenna in July.

I lived in Alaska for over 40 years. Finally age and health drove me back south to a warm climate.

The fact Anchorage had two consecutive record breaking winters (snow in excess of 120 inches)

was also a driving factor.

QSLs logged prior to March 27th 2024 were from Alaska, since then all QSOs are from Texas.


Home station is using a 12ga wire HF loop of about 250 feet, about 25 feet up strung up in the Oak Trees over the house. 

Second HF antenna is a old military vertical (33ft) ground mounted in the back yard, buried feed line and radials.

Primary rig is a Yeasu FTDX-10 HF Radio.

Also running a Bridgecom 1.25m and a Macom 33cm, both FM.  A V/U Dual Band Kenwood V71 using a roof mounted yagis.

A dedicated APRS setup using a Copper Cactus Jpole.  Can also operate VHF Winlink, VARA and PACTOR III if needed.

6 meters via a Cushcraft 2 element beam and on the HF Vertical.

Also have a Ameritron 811H Amp on the side as well for when 100 watts just ain't doing it!

Field Day Operation in Alaska (click to enlarge)

davamvetspufl talarc
Local Weather
The home shack.
We have both Whitetail Deer and Wild Turkeys outside the fence in the back. 
Anytime I have to go check my radials out in the drainage I see some kind of wildlife.
Mobile Ops

2001 F-150
Larry's Screwdriver 6-160


Mobile now includes a Jayco Motorhome.
Aboard that is both an FT-897 and a FT-857.
FT-897 is used when stationary using either an end fed wire or Double G5RV Dipole.
FT-857 is for mobile operations currently using a modified CB whip (extended to 12 feet)
and a SGC 2020 Autotuner. Plan is to add a grill guard and mount a screwdriver
up front and losing the Extended Whip and autotuner.


Yeasu FT-897D In the RV


Zoe our RV Attack Cat!

If your bored, take a look at a few QSL Cards
I have collected over the years..


Email me at "KL7YK @ KL7YK.NET" (remove the spaces)

Last Updated on 10 July 2024